Testing Website for YOLA

Testing to see how live chat works on Yola and integration help for IMsupporting.com users who wish to use Yola hosting.

Do you have a Yola website?

Using live chat on a yola website.

How do you add live chat into Yola?

Step 1
Open your website designer and click the "Widgets" tab

Click "Popular" ( just under the widgets tab )

Click and Drag the "HTML Code" widget into your website. Drop it in the place where you would like the chat button to appear.
N.B: If you use the "Floating" chat button from IMsupporting, You can drop the HTML widget anywhere on your page. it doesnt matter where.

Open up the HTML widget ( You should get a nice big blank page open up )
Copy and paste your website HTML code from the IMsupporting dashboard into the widget and click Save! ( Bottom Right Corner )


click "Publish / Save" and your chat will appear on your Yola website just like ours is here..

For more information or assistance, please visit IMsupporting.com for a free live chat account.


Your Live Chat code will look something like this. Replace the numbers 1234567890 with your own site id.

<div style="bottom:0px; position:fixed; right:10px; width:350px; text-align:right; z-index:1000" id="footerchat">
<!-- START IMsupporting.com Live support software, Live help software code -->

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://support1.imsupporting.com/welcome2/popup.js"></script>

<!-- Hide script from older browsers
var docref = "noref";
if (document.referrer != '') {
docref = document.referrer;
document.write('<a href="javascript:openSupport(\'1234567890\',\'Welcome\');"><img src="http://status.imsupporting.com/status.php?siteid=1234567890&amp;style=090820142&amp;docref='+docref+'" border="0" alt="live chat software" title="Launch live chat"/></a>');
//-- Stop hiding script -->
<noscript><a href="http://www.imsupporting.com" title="Live chat software" target="_blank">Live Chat software</a></noscript>
<!-- End IMsupporting Code -->

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